Autumn 1
Starfish Class update

It has been wonderful to see how well everyone has settled into life at Nursery and made new friends. We have been learning all about what is expected at Hampton Wick and focusing on Kind Words and Kind Actions.
Our topic this term has been looking at ‘All about me’ and finding out about how we can be the same but also different. So we started by looking in mirrors and observing ourselves; what do we notice? We then drew our own self portrait. We have made hand prints and then used them to find out how big we are and compare ourselves to our friends to find the biggest and smallest. We have gathered and counted many, many conkers and used leaves to create fantastic ‘leaf men’.
However, most of our time has been taken up with exploring all that Nursery has to offer, from riding bikes, to digging in the huge sandpit and making lots of noise outside on our music wall, mixed in with plenty of painting!
Thank you for all your support so far and we look forward to the second half of term when we focus on Celebrations.

Autumn 2
The second half of term was extremely busy, with lots of fun but with focused learning along the way. Our topic was Celebrations and we certainly had plenty to choose from. To celebrate Bonfire night we went outside to flick lots of paint to make our own firework paintings onto which we attached our 3D fireworks. Leading up to Poppy Day, we also took time to understand why some people choose to wear poppies on Remembrance Sunday. During our Under the Sea Focus Week, we were very fortunate to have an artist come and visit us to work with the children to paint and create sea paintings with their own sea creatures. Dragon Drama came in to help us act out our own sea tale. Then we started our Christmas celebrations in early December with the Nursery Christmas Sing-A-Long. We loved dressing up and singing in front of our family and friends. Turkish was our language of the Month in December, so we invited in our Turkish families to share some of their favourite food, stories and music with the children. The Turkish cookies and chocolate pudding were very popular. Finally, we are looking forward to our end of term Christmas Party – where Santa will be making a special appearance!

Our topic this half term has been ‘Mini Beasts’. Mrs Tomkins and I were amazed at the fantastic min beast artwork that everybody brought in from home.  We went on mini beast hunts to search for our own mini beasts but the very cold weather and snow has meant there wasn’t much to see!   However, we have enjoyed exploring The Wilderness in the snow: following animal footprints we found and writing our letters in the snow.  The children loved pretending to be bees, sunflowers, ladybirds and butterflies when acting and singing in our assembly all about ‘The boy who lost his bumble’.

To help us celebrate and understand Spring, the school took delivery of some baby chicken eggs. We visited the eggs regularly in the Library and watched as the eggs gradually hatched and grew into ten healthy chicks.  We talked about why 2 of the eggs didn’t hatch and what the chicks needed to hatch successfully. After all the snow had gone, the children enjoyed going on a hunt to search for signs of Spring and spotting daffodils and blossom.

At the end of term we celebrated Polish, our language of the month . We danced to polish music, ate Polish dumplings and donuts and finally painted some eggs.  Sara and Antosh wore their traditional Polish national dress and toured the school, to show off their magnificent costumes.   A big thankyou to the families of Sara and Antosh.

Needless to say we have not spent all our time mini-beast hunting, watching the chicks hatch and grow and eating. We have also been busy weighing, measuring, counting, reading & writing!

Thank you so much for all the support, throughout this busy term. It makes the learning for all the children so much richer and more enjoyable.

Mrs Tauwhare & Mrs Tomkins