This half term has been a very busy one for Owl class! We have already learnt so many new skills and we have only been at school a few weeks!

Our topic has been ‘All About Me’ and we have loved getting to know our new friends. We have discussed our families, pets and even looked at pictures of the whole class when we were babies. We have enjoyed exploring our outside area, especially dancing on the stage, creating recipes in the mud kitchen and climbing on all the climbing frames.  We have even been able to visit the school wilderness twice! We loved cutting open a pumpkin and exploring what was inside and collecting leaves of all different shapes, sizes and colours. 

As well as this, we have started to learn our letters and numbers. We have loved finding out what sound we are learning that day from ‘Jasper the phonics cat’ and we have been practising hard to write them. We have also learnt about patterns, positional language and why numbers are so important in our everyday lives.

Overall, a super busy and happy start to the school year for Owl Class. 

This half term has been very busy for Owl Class. We have loved learning about our topic ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ and have tasted healthy foods, had a visit from local firefighters (and their fire engine!) and learnt how to do yoga!

We loved our focus week ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ and learning all about things that fly. We worked with our Year 1 buddies to create our own kites and even got to test them out too. We explored using charcoal to create drawings of feathers and used the magnifying glasses carefully to look at all the detail.

We have developed our knowledge of letters this half term also and we now consider ourselves all readers! We have loved mark making outside too. We investigated weight, capacity and size this half term and enjoyed finding out which fruit is the heaviest using our balance scales. We even got to taste lots of new fruits we had never eaten before!

Our role play area this half term has been a post office. We have loved writing letters, creating cards and wrapping parcels for our family and friends. We learnt about the journey a letter goes on to get to us and we even posted a class letter to Santa!

A very busy and happy half term for Owl class! ​

This term has been very busy for Owl Class. Our topic has been ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and we have loved learning about sea creatures, pirates and especially loved creating our own boats!

​One day, we arrived at school to find a message from a pirate needing our help. We loved visiting the wilderness to help the pirate find his treasure and create a map for him to follow.
We also performed our first class assembly around the story ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and were super brave to say our lines and sing our songs in a big, loud and clear voice. We were so excited to wear our costumes and perform for our family and friends.

We have continued to develop our literacy skills this term also and we now are writing sentences all by ourselves. We have loved applying our amazing phonics skills to write stories, posters and even messages in a bottle! We investigated capacity, money and sharing equally in maths and have enjoyed using these skills in our play.

A super exciting half term for Owl Class!