Autumn 1 Update

Jellyfish class have settled in very well to their first term at school! We have made lots of new friends and are enjoying having our lunch at school.
We have been busy serving, cooking and ordering food in our Jellyfish Café role play area. We have begun to use real coins to ‘pay’ and have also been using them in our fruit shop in our outside area.
We have had so much fun learning about autumn and particularly enjoyed cutting open pumpkins to see what was inside, singing harvest songs and visiting our wilderness area to see what changes happen at this time of year.
In the outdoor area, we have been busy climbing, mark making in trays of flour and building obstacle courses. We have also been able to handle and feed our guinea pigs ‘Blackberry and Nibbles’!
We have been very busy learning our letters in phonics and can now use them to sound out simple words! We have also been practising our counting in maths as well as creating patterns using peg boards and shapes.
Overall, a very busy first half term for Jellyfish class!

Autumn Term 2

This half term has been very busy for Jellyfish Class. We have loved learning about our topic ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ and have tasted healthy foods, learnt how to wash our hands well and took part in yoga and zumba!

We loved our focus week ‘Under the Sea’ and learning all about Jellyfish. We investigated the rain outside and where all our puddles go. We even made boats to float on them! It was amazing to work with our artist Lindsey to create a piece of artwork and we are proud that it is now up on display in the school.

We have developed our knowledge of letters this half term also and we now consider ourselves all readers! We have loved mark making outside too. We investigated weight, capacity and size this half term and enjoyed finding out which fruit is the heaviest using our balance scales. We even got to taste lots of new fruits we had never eaten before!

Spring term

This half term, Jellyfish class have had so much fun with our topic ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We have loved learning about different sea creatures and have explored this in our small world, reading corner and outside area. We designed and created our own boats and tested them out to see if they would sink or float like a pirate ship!

We have developed our phonics learning and loved writing instructions on how to be a pirate as well as creating our own ‘messages in a bottle’. In maths, we helped the Rainbow Fish to share their scales out equally and put into practise our weighing skills whilst making Easter cakes.

This half term we also put on a performance for our first ever class assembly! We worked hard as a team and were so proud of ourselves for singing and saying our lines in big voices.​ We also visited the Wilderness to search for signs that Spring is on it’s way!

We have had a very busy half term!