Autumn 1 Update

Pirate Class has settled in beautifully into Reception Class. We have been busy learning about different things such as phonics, maths, PE, making new friendships and how to bake bread.
In our roleplay area, The Baby Shop, we have learned how to bath a baby, measure their head and feet and how to change their clothes.
In maths we have learned about patterns and found some patterns on socks and the clothes we were wearing.
In phonics Oscar, our phonics puppet, has helped us with each sound. We have also had visits from a witch to make special sound soup for Oscar.
We have explored our outdoor area, went on a bear hunt, built an obstacle course and dressed up.
All in all a very busy and fun start to Reception.

Autumn 2

This Term has been very busy and full of excitement for Pirate Class. We started off with our Focus Week ‘Under the Sea’ where we got to work with the artist Lindsey. We made a whole school art project which is now on display in the school.

Our topic ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ has been with us through the whole of this half term and we have been able to join in with yoga and zumba. We also tasted different fruits and learned to wash our hands.

We developed our knowledge of letters and we even learned what a digraph is. Oscar, our phonics friend, has been busy helping us with this. Pirate Class is also telling Miss Michelsen about a witch that comes in sometimes during our phonics lessons (but Miss Michelsen has never seen her ).

Pirate Class has been really brave to sing, act and speak in front of the whole school and all the parents during their Christmas Sing Song.

Thank you so much for this amazing Term and I can’t wait to see what Pirate Class will get up to in the Spring term.