Wow! What a busy half term it has been! It has been filled with becoming a doctor or nurse in our baby clinic, exploring the wilderness and even baking bread!

Blackbird class have settled in really well and have adjusted to full days in school fantastically. Together we have made lots of new friends in and out of our class. We have enjoyed exploring our outside area, top favourites this half term have been the mud kitchen and climbing frames but especially the building zone that is equipped with hard hats and wheelbarrows!

Our topic this half term has been ‘All About Me’ . We have discussed our families, pets and even looked at pictures of the whole class when we were babies. As Autumn has arrived we have also visited the wilderness to look at changes that occur and have loved cutting open pumpkins and exploring what was inside.

As well as this, in literacy we have loved learning our sound of the day and we have been practising hard to write them. In maths we have looked at recognising numbers, together we created top tips for counting and their favourite topic so far, creating patterns!

​Have a lovely half term Blackbirds and I look forward to seeing you next week!

Blackbirds have had a very busy and fun-filled term! We have learnt new skills across all learning areas and even completed our first assembly based on our topic ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. The story was the Rainbow Fish, with the theme on sharing and kindness. The children were all brave and confident in their performance!

Maths this term has involved many practical and problem solving skills. Some of the areas we have covered include estimating, measurement, subtraction and exploring 2D and 3D shapes. The  highlights were estimating how many of the children’s shoes would fit into different sized dinosaur footprints, exploring the weighing and balancing scales, using skittles to investigate subtraction and going on shape hunt to find 2D/3D shapes!

This term also saw the introduction of ‘Bike Wednesday’ where the children learnt how to use the pedals, the brakes and how to be safe on their bike.

Some of the ‘hot points’ this term were our cafe in the role-play area and the wilderness trips – one in which we went to hunt for treasure using our maps we had created and the other, our spring hunt, where we looked for signs of spring!

I am sure the children will have a restful and relaxing break and come back ready for an exciting new term!​