Autumn 1 Update

Turtle class have had a wonderful half term! We have been learning all about the local area. We went on a walk around our Hampton Wick and discussed the human and physical features that we saw. We were even lucky enough to hear a train as it rattled across the bridge!
In English we have been looking at a range of stories and using them to write our own version. One of our favourite stories was ‘The Tiger That Came To Tea’. A real tiger even sent us a message and asked us to think of another animal that could come to tea. We then wrote our own story about this visit. We were so excited to hear from a real tiger!
In Maths we have been practising our adding and taking away skills. We have used counters , number lines and even 100 squares! We have also been working with money and made different totals to buy food from the café. We are getting good with our coins and know that there is no such thing as a 3p!

Autumn 2

What a busy time we have had in Turtle Class! We have been learning all about Ernest Shackleton the Antarctic explorer and his resilience at attempting again and again to explore the South Pole. Ernest has kept us very busy with lots of jobs such as rescuing his crew from the ice! The children investigated how they could free his friends. They had lots of wonderful ideas such as using the sun’s heat to melt the ice, wrapping the ice up in lots of layers of clothes to warm it up and using something sharp to dig away at the ice and break it down.

Ernest was so impressed by Turtle Class that he then sent us another job to do! He asked us to make him and his crew some jam sandwiches as he had run out of food again! The children worked in pairs to make a jam sandwich and then wrote instructions for Ernest so that he could make his own. They used ordering words (first, next ,after) and descriptions so that Ernest would be able to follow the instructions carefully. Turtle Class decided it was best for them to eat their jam sandwiches rather than sending them to Ernest! They were very yummy and even Mrs Johnson-Paul was lucky enough to be given a jam sandwich to enjoy!

In Maths we have really enjoyed learning how to tell the time. The children have been practising making o’clock and half past times, they were very good! Turtle class have also learnt about measure and practised weighing objects, measuring length and measuring capacity (this was their favourite part!).

This term we have had such fun in Turtle class! The guinea pigs game to visit us and we also watched the eggs hatch and held the chicks. They were so sweet! We were also lucky enough to visit the building site opposite our school but unfortunately were not allowed to join in with the building! Maybe next time! We have had so much fun writing about all of our fun experiences.

In Maths we have been learning all about measure. We have weighed ingredients to make flapjacks, measured the capacity of liquid to make medicine for the Gruffalo and measured the length of a range of objects inside and outside of the classroom.

In Science we have been learning all about fruits and vegetables. We investigated the difference between fruits and vegetables, we looked very closely at the fruits and vegetables and discussed what was the same about them and what was different.  We found out that fruits have seeds. After all of our hard research we got to do a taste test! Yum!