Autumn 1

How quickly this first half term has flown by! Amber class have settled well into Year 1 and have been doing lots of exciting learning.

In English, we have read ‘Snail and the Whale’ and ‘One Day on Our Blue Planet-The Savannah’. We have created missing posters, postcards from Africa and have met Naomi Noun, Adam Adjective and Veronica Verb who have helped us develop our writing skills.

We have enjoyed linking our Power of Reading books to our afternoon topics. In Science we have learned about animal classification, animal diets and our 5 senses. In Art we have created some effective lion pictures using leaves we collected from the wilderness and we have been using atlases and Google Earth to explore the Savannah, thinking about all the different animals we may see there.

In maths we have been working hard on place value, learning about adding 1 more, 1 less and 10 more and 10 less and we have applied this to activities in our books

We have been focusing on our core Hampton Wick behaviours this half term and we have a big bright sun in our class reminding us to learn and let others learn, use kind words and kind actions and to be honest. We recently did a fun activity in teams making paper chains and we realised that we all do better when we work together. We are now very motivated to fill our gem jar up!

Have an enjoyable half term.

Mrs Bloggs

Autumn 2
It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the Christmas break!  What a busy half term it has been in Amber class with so much great learning taking place.

We have been transported to many different settings through the Power of Reading texts, which continue to provide the children with rich learning experiences in English as well as link in with other curriculum areas. When we do our class production in Spring 1 we will be giving you a taste of some of books we have covered.

In Maths, we have been continuing with our number work as well as exploring other mathematical strands. The children particularly enjoyed learning to recognise coins and understand their value. Most recently, we used our geometry skills to design a Santa sleigh using 2D shapes.

There were loud cheers and enthusiastic dancing to “We are the Champions” when the 15th gem clinked into the jar! The children really worked hard collectively to reach this goal and deserved their reward of a visit to Amber class cinema.

Last and certainly not least, we spent a lot of time perfecting our performance for our Year One Christmas production. It was so enjoyable working alongside our friends in Aquamarine and Topaz classes.

Wishing you all a happy festive season. See you all in 2020!

Mrs Blogg