How quickly this half term has flown by! Pegasus class have settled into the routine of Year 1 and have been learning lots of new things.

In English, we have used several stories as a springboard for our writing. The Gruffalo was definitely a favourite of ours and we produced posters and used adjectives to describe the Gruffalo. We also had fun working in groups to create our own ending for the story and then acting out our new ending for the class.

In Maths, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting. We used a range of mathematical equipment to help us with this including number lines, counters, dienes, Numicon and the hundred squares. We have also enjoyed exploring money and are learning to recognise coins and use the correct amount of coins to buy items from our class shop.

We have visited the Wilderness and used the scientific skills of observation and recording. We were each given a sheet with a list of natural things we had to look for. When we found an object on the list, we ticked it off. We made very good scientists!