How quickly this half term has flown by! Pegasus class have settled into the routine of Year 1 and have been learning lots of new things.

In English, we have used several stories as a springboard for our writing. The Gruffalo was definitely a favourite of ours and we produced posters and used adjectives to describe the Gruffalo. We also had fun working in groups to create our own ending for the story and then acting out our new ending for the class.

In Maths, we have been focusing on adding and subtracting. We used a range of mathematical equipment to help us with this including number lines, counters, dienes, Numicon and the hundred squares. We have also enjoyed exploring money and are learning to recognise coins and use the correct amount of coins to buy items from our class shop.

We have visited the Wilderness and used the scientific skills of observation and recording. We were each given a sheet with a list of natural things we had to look for. When we found an object on the list, we ticked it off. We made very good scientists!

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the Christmas break!  What a busy half term it has been in Pegasus class with so much great learning taking place.

In English, a class favourite was the story Lost and Found and we imagined we were the boy returning the penguin to the South Pole. We had lots of fun writing a postcard from the perspective of the penguin telling his penguin friends what he’d seen and done in London! We also created story maps as a tool for retelling the story.

In Maths, we have been continuing with our number work as well as exploring other mathematical strands. We had fun measuring each other using cubes and determining our height in relation to each other. It was interesting to see the results across the class.  ​Another task for measurement saw us getting out the scales and weighing everyday items in the classroom. Most recently we used our geometry skills to design a Santa Sleigh using 2D shapes.

Our topic, Poles Apart, has been the springboard for a variety of learning experiences across the curriculum. In Geography we used atlases to locate the North and South Poles. In History we learned about the three attempts made by Ernest Shackleton to reach the South Pole and the resilience he showed in the face of such challenging circumstances. We worked in teams to investigate a range of sources including photographs, diary entries and certificates providing interesting clues to his life.  As a Science investigation, we tested different materials to determine what would be most suitable if we were designing water proof clothing for him.

Last and certainly not least, we spent a lot of time perfecting our performance for our Year One Christmas production. It was really enjoyable working alongside our friends in Dragon class.

A  highlight of the Spring term was our assembly. The children worked so hard to help design an assembly to reflect their learning about castles and fairy tales. It was wonderful to watch them perform in front of an audience with such confidence and clarity. The children looked fabulous dressed in all their finery when they attended our Year One ball. In the last few weeks we have been busy growing things as part of our Scrummy Yummy Food topic. We have also been learning about food miles in Geography and they  were fascinated with just how far food had to travel from New Zealand to reach our local supermarkets! We are now looking forward to a busy Summer term with some exciting  learning experiences planned.