Autumn 1 Update

Year 2 has had a fantastic start to the year. The children have all settled in really well and it has been great to welcome a new child in every class. It has been a busy few weeks with lots of exciting learning. The Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole workshop took us back to the 1800s and we enjoyed acting out the different roles and learning about the lesser known Mary and the significant role she played.
Our trip to Painshill Park provided an opportunity to see a range of micro-habitats and during our mini beast hunt we found at least ten different types of bug.
All class have enjoyed learning about their class names and on SuperMagic Day we created some beautiful artwork linked to the various topics.
We are all looking forward to launching our Space topic and finding out ‘How on Earth we got to the Moon’! The Family Tapestries show that Year 2 children love singing, dancing and playing instruments and we are very excited about our Christmas show.

Autumn 2
For Year 2 this half term has been out of this world! It started with the discovery of an alien in the Wilderness! We are still wondering where it came from and where it is now!
The children’s fascination with space was shown by their many amazing questions. It was a busy half term full of fun learning about our solar system and the space race.
We hope you enjoyed our Christmas production ‘The Landlord’s Cat’ as much as the children loved performing it. The children worked incredibly hard applying a range of skills to put on a really sparkling performance.
The Year 2 team is looking forward to launching our ‘London’s Burning’ topic and taking the children back to a time when the city was a very different place.
We hope you have a well-deserved rest and lots of fun this festive season ready for the start of the New Year.

Spring Term

This half term Year 2 has enjoyed exploring South America. We used our geographical skills to locate our class countries of Peru, Brazil and Argentina.   Ocean enjoyed learning about the Tango and creating colourful houses in the style of La Bocas in Buenos Aires.   Treasure had a great time planning Miss Kumar’s trip to Peru this summer and researched all the beautiful landmarks and exciting activities on offer.  Dolphin discovered that Brazil is the home of carnival, home to the largest rainforest and its real passion for its national game football.   In science, we studied living and non-living things and the characteristics of life as well as animal and plant habitats.  We also explored the rainforests, its different layers and the huge array of amazing animal that live in each one.

Year 2 went on two great trips this half term too. Thank you to Jerry and his team for welcoming us to St John’s our local church.  The children really enjoyed being in such as calm space and learning about the history of the church, a new song and going on a treasure hunt.  It was great to see the buildings beginning to take shape on the Buglar site and it created a lot of excitement, especially the real hard hats!

The term finished with a Year 2 Carnival. The children had a lovely time making colourful headdresses  for our carnival party which included playing instruments, dancing and eating exotic fruits.

Year 2 is looking forward to our first summer topic ‘Marvellous Maps’ and finding out more about the British Isles and our local community.

We hope you have a fun and relaxing Easter break.

The Year 2 Team