Autumn 1 Update

Coral class have had a fabulous half term packed with lots of exciting learning experiences!
In maths we looked closely at number calculations, such as addition and subtraction and we did this in several different practical ways for example using number lines, counters, unifix cubes and dienes.
In English each week our learning was based off a classic book such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The tiger that came to tea’. We learnt to create lists, write letters, use adjectives and rewrite some of our favourite stories.
Finally, our half term Topic focused on ‘Our local area’ which shaped our science and geography lessons. Our local walk around Hampton wick led into lessons looking into physical and human features, aerial views, habitats and comparing our urban environment to more rural ones.

Autumn 2

This has been a fantastic, jam-packed, exciting half term.

Most of our learning this half term was based around our topic Poles Apart. In topic we closely looked at the life and the journey’s of Ernest Shakleton to the South Pole. We learnt that his journey wasn’t as easy as it would be now, and he needed lots of motivation and resilience to get there! In one Science lesson we were told Ernest Shackleton’s crew members got stuck in an iceberg! In class we had to practically solve this problem (in a miniature version). We came up with lots of fantastic ideas to save them like put the ice block somewhere cosy like in our layers of clothes, under a cushion or in our warm hands. Some of us decided to safely dig the men out with something sharp would be the quickest way of rescuing his team members! Thankfully we all rescued each of the team members and successfully completed the mission!

In English we focused on the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children loved the idea of a penguin turning up at their door and taking a spontaneous adventure to the South Pole like the boy and the penguin did in the book. One of the biggest highlights for the children in English was being sent another job from Ernest Shakleton to help him make some yummy jam sandwiches as they had ran out of food again! First we wrote instructions so that when Ernest made his he would know what steps to take, then with our partners we got to make and even eat them!

This term in Maths we’ve looked at capacity, weight and length, time, division and halving. Lots of our learning was put into the context of helping Ernest Shakleton, for example we had to weigh several different items Ernest wanted to take on board so that the boat wouldn’t be too heavy! In the last few weeks of term we looked at time, which can be a tricky concept, however Coral Class were fantastic and explored not only o’clock, but also half past!

This has been an exciting, fun-filled term .

Most of our learning this term was based around our topic Scrummy Yummy Food. In topic we learnt where different foods come from, planted carrot seeds and we even got to taste lots of exciting fruits! Some of us were nervous to try new fruits however everyone gave it a go, and some even found their new favourite fruit!

In English we focused on the book ‘Handa’s surprise’ by Eileen Browne. The children loved learning all about Kenya and that Urban Kenya is a lot more similar to London than they thought! This half term we also started looking at different styles of poems and created our own fruit acrostic poems and repeated poems on Kenya. Also based off our ‘Yummy Scrummy Food’ topic we  looked at the book ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ which ignited lots of creative news reports where children were excited to report on large falling pancakes and hotdogs causing chaos to the town ‘Chew and swallow’ !

This half term in Maths we’ve looked at shapes, direction/movement, capacity/weight/length and time.  We have done lots of practical maths to help with those trickier topics, for example a clock treasure hunt inside and outside the classroom and making medicine for the poorly Gruffalo when working with capacity.

See you in the Summer Term Coral class!