Autumn Term

What a busy and fun time we have had in Opal Class! This half term we have been learning about space and we went on an exciting trip to the Wilderness, where we discovered an astronaut who had crash landed in his rocket! We used our imaginations and observation skills to describe to each other what had happened and then we compiled a report of our discovery for the European Space Agency.
In science we have been investigating the different characteristics of each planet in our solar system. We really enjoyed recording facts that we discovered from our research and sharing them with the class. We were amazed to find out that Jupiter has more than 75 moons!
In our English lessons, we have been reading two fiction books related to space: Man on The Moon and The Way Back Home. We produced fantastic pieces of independent writing in which we used adjectives, verbs and commas and also created wonderful artwork to accompany our writing.
We have been developing our partitioning skills in maths lessons and this has enabled us to add and subtract near multiples, for example 34+11, 76-21. We have also been extending our knowledge on time and used our mathematical skills to estimate what tasks we can do in 30 seconds and a minute.