Hummingbird Class have had a great first term in Year 2! They have learnt all about the life of Florence Nightingale and how she trained nurses to help soldiers in Crimea. Year 2 had a fantastic Florence Nightingale workshop where the children pretended to be Florence’s nurses. They scrubbed the floor, tidied bandages and helped the wounded soldiers.
In maths the children have been learning about telling the time and measuring capacity, weight and length. The children practised making medicines for Florence by carefully measuring the different liquids. 
We also went on a wonderful school trip to Painshill Park. We worked as a team to build marvellous dens and then these were tested with water to see how successful our den building had been. In the afternoon we used our map reading skills to hunt for treasure. What a fabulous day of team building!
We have had a super half term in Hummingbird Class! The children were lucky enough to work with Jones an engineer during our ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ focus week to design paper aeroplanes.  They couldn’t believe how high they flew! Hummingbird Class also helped Nursery children to make a kite and then taught them how to fly it in the playground. This was great fun! This term Hummingbird Class have been learning all about Space. They have written newspaper articles about the moon landing, researched fun facts about the planets in their Science lessons, learnt about the life of an astronaut in space, made junk model rockets and even had a visit from  a space planetarium. What a fun filled half term!
Spring Term
Hummingbird’s have thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in South America this term. They have written fact files about Brazil and travel brochures encouraging tourists to visit the wonderful sights of Peru. Hummingbird’s favourite day was our Rio inspired Carnival Day! The children started their day with a Brazilian themed dance class. They then made delicious Carnival Cocktails using their measuring skills and made some scrumptious Brazilian brigaderios. To end our day the children paraded around the school wearing their hand made carnival hats and playing different percussion instruments. We were so noisy !