The HWINS Governing Body has a legal responsibility for the overall management of the school and performs three key roles:

To provide strategic direction for the school

To hold the Headteacher & the Senior Leadership Team accountable for the educational performance of the children

To oversee the school’s finances

The Governing Body meets twice a term and some of its responsibilities are delegated to the following Committees: Finance; Teaching and Learning; Communities; and Resources (which also all meet twice a term).

The Governing Body consists of a combination of school (staff) governors, community(co-opted) governors, Local Authority governors and parent governors (voted for by the parent/carer community). All of the  governors are volunteers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Committees:

Teaching and Learning – Committee Chairs –  V. Read / K. Knocker

The Teaching and Learning committee plays a fundamental role in the direction of the learning and teaching within our school and monitors the outcomes of policies. Its aim is to support the ongoing development of the Curriculum in meeting the needs of all our pupils with regard to their learning, achievement and well being directed by statutory and voluntary policies.

Communities – Committee Chair – A. Makepeace

To review, implement and constantly consider both Pay and Personnel matters relating to the school in accordance with the needs of the School Community/set legal requirements and in line with annual budget parameters.

Resources – Committee Chair – R. Flavelle

This committee provides support and guidance to the Headteacher on all matters relating to the school premises, grounds, security, health and safety.

Finance – Committee Chair – S. Courquin

Providing guidance and assistance to the head teacher and governing body in all matters relating to budgeting and finance, and to clearly define any delegation of financial responsibilities, preparing a 3-year budget, which is based on the priorities of the school development plan

Hamptonwick Infant and Nursery School Governing Body –  Membership/ linked Responsibilities 2017-18

Type Role Governor 2017/2018 Assisting
Mandatory Chair of Governors Adam Makepeace
Mandatory Vice Chair Rob Flavelle
Mandatory Clerk to Governors Sally Hayes
Mandatory Safeguarding Adam Makepeace Tony Mattson, Anna-Louise Lawson
Mandatory Performance Management (Children/Data) Kat Knocker Anna-Louise Lawson
Mandatory Exclusions Appeal Adam Makepeace
Linked Performance Management (Teachers/leadership) Tasleem Meghani
Linked Attendance Anna-Louise Lawson
Linked Curriculum Anna-Louise Lawson
Linked Extended Schools Adam Makepeace
Linked Health and Safety Rob Flavelle Chris Rendtorff
Linked Looked after Children Judith Yeadon Paul Sahota
Linked Equalities Nick Edwards
Linked SEND Judith Yeadon Paul Sahota
Linked Training Sally Hayes
Linked Pastoral Mentor Judith Yeadon
Linked PPG Judith Yeadon Paul Sahota
Linked PE Adam Makepeace
Linked e-Safety Nick Edwards
Linked School Council Judith Yeadon
Governor Type Surname First Name Title Start Date End Date Position Eligible to vote (FGB)
Associate member Tauwhare Jane Mrs 04 -Sept- 17 04- Sept -21 No
Associate member Wilkey Sarah Miss 20-Mar-16 20-Mar-20 No
Associate member Jaffar Suzan Mrs 20-Mar-16 20-Mar-20 No
Co-opted Mattson Tony Mr 04-Sept-17 04-Sept-21 Yes
Co-opted Flavelle Rob Mr 08-Dec-14 08-Dec-18 Yes
Co-opted Meghani Tasleem Mr 04-Sept-17 04-Sept-21 Yes
Co-opted Yeadon Judith Mrs 04-Sept-17 04-Sept-21 Yes
January- 18
January- 21
January – 22
LA Evans Gareth Cllr 01-Nov-14 01-Nov-18 Yes
Clerk (FGB/Committees) Hayes Sally Ms 01-Apr-01 NA Clerk No
Clerk   (FGB) Dutton-Waller Hannah Mrs 01-Dec-16 NA Clerk No
Parent Courquin Stephen Mr 01-Oct-16 01-Oct-20 Yes
Parent Makepeace Adam Mr 03-Dec-13 03-Dec-17 Chair Yes
Parent Lawson Anna-Louise Ms 04-Sept-17 04-Sept-21 Vice Chair Yes
Staff – Headteacher Johnson-Paul Heidi Ms 01-Apr-99 01/04/2099 Headteacher Yes
Staff – Teacher Read Victoria Miss 20-Mar-16 20-Mar-20 Yes

Ofsted Inspectors may request username and password access to the Governors’ Area
by contacting the school office on

0208 977 3971