All Infant children (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2) are entitled to free meals. At Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School, school meals are mandatory for Reception children and optional in year 1 & year 2 but even if you do not want your child to have a school meal you must complete the form as we may be allocated more money to our school budget which can then be used to support teaching and learning.

The school is committed to healthy eating and has won a healthy eating award. We offer a balanced, nutritious and tasty diet. There is plenty of choice and all meals are made with fresh ingredients and cooked on site.  As part of our healthy schools programme we decided several years ago that children would not bring in chocolate or sweets when it is their birthday. We will of course celebrate all children’s birthdays within school. During our celebration assembly they blow out the candles on a cake whilst the other children sing Happy Birthday. Children also are given a birthday sticker and certificate. On occasions we do allow children to have a ‘special treat’ so we will be continuing with our termly cake sales.
Lunchtime Routines

Autumn 1 Lunch Menu

Autumn 2 / Spring 2019 Menu