Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School Equalities Objectives 

Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School and the Equality Act 2010: equality objectives

The Governors and Headteacher of Hampton Wick Infant & Nursery School recognise and accept their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, advance equality and foster good relations. To this end, the Governors and the Headteacher have agreed the following equality objectives.

                        • Equality Objective 1: ensure that all children gain the knowledge they need to prepare them for adult life, through a rich curriculum and robust teaching.
                        • Equality Objective 2: to narrow the achievement gap for children and young people, including children in care, by ensuring increased opportunities and improved outcomes.
                        • Equality Objective 3: help children to fulfil their full potential by supporting families and focussing support on improving the lives of the most vulnerable children, including those who experience bullying or exclusion.
                        • Equality Objective 4: ensure that all children have access to the benefits, facilities and services provided by the school by identifying and removing any barriers to learning.
                        • Equality Objective 5: improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the school.