Every care is taken of children whilst they are in school. Several members of staff hold First Aid Certificates and playgrounds are supervised by school staff during playtimes and by School Meals Supervisory Assistants at lunch times. A member of staff will deal with minor injuries at school. However, if a child is taken ill in school, parents and carers will be contacted. It is therefore crucial that our school has a current contact number.

Some illnesses are contagious and will require your child to be absent from school until the risk of infection is minimal. If you are in any doubt about the period of absence please contact our school office.

Our Teaching Assistants are able to administer prescribed medicines, providing written authorisation to do so has been completed. All medicines need to be given to a member of staff on arrival at school and must be in a carefully labelled container with enclosed details of the quantity and timing of the dosage. Children are not allowed to keep medicines in school or administer it to themselves, with exception of some asthma medication. Parental consent forms are available from the school office and must be completed for all children receiving medication at school. Please also let our school know if your child suffers from any allergies.

Our school nurse attends our school regularly and can discuss any medical or health concerns that parents and carers may have. She also carries out medical screenings for which you can choose to withhold your consent. The school nurse no longer makes checks on children’s hair for head-lice. Therefore parents are requested to make regular checks themselves and carry out the recommended treatment if necessary. We politely ask that all children have their hair checked on a weekly basis.

Headlice Information Flyer