Nurturing partnerships with all our children, their families and our wider community helps to develop excellence in our school. Our warm and welcoming environment enables us to develop the strong community links which we know are so beneficial to our children’s learning and well-being. Many of our parents and carers volunteer to support our school in various ways and can often be seen helping in class, in our school grounds, on trips or at productions and special events such as our May Fair.

We appreciate the help that our volunteers give us in supporting the work of our school. We value their time and energy, trying to match our volunteers’ time and talents to the needs of the school as well as trying to meet their own preferences.

People volunteer for many reasons. For example, they may choose to volunteer to build up new skills, gain experience and confidence, to socialise, gain a better understanding of how our school works or simply to give something back to society.  All of these are legitimate reasons to volunteer.  We aim to offer you diverse opportunities for training and work at the school. Many volunteers like to work with the age group they feel most confident with, but others like to experience the whole 3-7 age range.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in school, please contact Shelley Pawley-Nita via the School Office.