Our school has a very clear vision which is shared by all children, staff, parents, carers and governors

“To ignite and expand children’s passion for lifelong learning through superb inspiring teaching and wider enriching experiences”

What we are about 

    • We are here to serve the local and wider community by providing a welcoming, supportive, safe and caring environment where all children thrive academically and socially and where the stimulating, aspirational learning ethos reflects high expectations.

This is what we do:

    • Maintain a strong and nurturing partnership with families to support the development of children’s lifelong learning skills.
    • Provide learning through a creative, stimulating, safe environment in which each individual child learns and knows that their efforts, knowledge and skills are valued.
    • Promote healthy living and well-being enhancing activities for learners through providing positive role models and enriching learning experiences.
    • Develop children who take an active part in their community now as well as providing a foundation which enables them to play a wider part in a modern diverse society in their later lives.
    • Instil in children a secure sense of responsibility which is reflected in both respectful words and respectful actions.
    • Promote an inclusive community that cares for the environment.
    • Prepare children for an ever-developing technological world
    • Develop inspirational leadership that creates cohesive resilient staff teams which embrace change and exhibit reflective, innovative and analytical skills.
    • Set aspirational but achievable goals for success which can be measured against the impact of learning. Celebrate achievements and successes.
    • Constructively support areas for development.
    • Develop and implement agreed policies & procedures that uphold the ethos of our school.